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Post Office Box 402, Angola, IN 46703
Jimmerson Lake is located in beautiful northeast Indiana's Steuben County

NEW Dredging Update

April 9, 2016 Notice

Dredging SitesSite 1 and Site 9 are the only 2 Jimmerson Lake sites in this project that have been approved for grant money this year totaling $180,000. Lake James received $120,000 for dredging around Goat Island. The most conducive time for the project is July to Dec. Hope to be started on Site 1 and Site 9 by Sept 2016. JLA will be responsible for 20% of the project. JLA will be able to reapply for more grant money of other sites for 2017.

Site 1 and Site 9 dredging discussion. Doing 45-50 ft wide.If owners ask whether shoreline done... "no" but owners can work with contractor for an estimate of their cost to do this. Contractors (6-10 from southern Michigan to southern Indiana) are to be here on 5/4 and 5/5 to give bids for Lake James and Jimmerson Lake dredging sites.

Site 9 discussion -- Biologists have decided that there would not be removal of island. The area behind the wetlands would be the responsibility of the homeowner to pay.

Discussion on Site 5 -- Paradise View -- owners have decided they want to be dredged and will assume cost on their own. They will be working directly with the contractor. Should Jimmerson Shores like to be added into this project, they would contact the contractor to be added to the Paradise View project also at their expense.

Tree Harbor Area along Tanglewood is not approved common area.

OUR NEXT MEETING is May 14, 2016 at the Dam Store!


We have applied for 2 Grants : Aquatic Vegetation Management Project Application (Spraying Of Eurasian/Hybrid Milfoil and Starry Stonewort). Sediment Removal Project Application(Dredging).

The State Biologist is reviewing our Dredging Application and the results of that review will be posted here. [Posted Jan 27, 2016]

Residents need to contact NIPSCO

. . . if they wish to have natural gas in their home. When enough interest is shown, NIPSCO will CONSIDER the request. Remember, enough residents in one area have to show interest to make it cost-effective for NIPSCO. Specific phone instructions are detailed here.

To request natural gas be installed, contact NIPSCO at

  • 1-800-464-7726
    • Select Option 3
    • Then Option 3
    • Then Option 1

NIPSCO will make note of this call, and the more property owners who contact NIPSCO, the sooner natural gas can be installed.

2015 Annual Picnic & Meetng
Great Accommodations!
Reception with a SMILE!


Jimmerson Lake is finalist in the list of LARE GRANT Recipients.   Details are in this article. Many thanks to the JLA members working on behalf of the entire Jimmerson Lake Community.