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Post Office Box 402, Angola, IN 46703
Jimmerson Lake is located in beautiful northeast Indiana's Steuben County

Dredging Update

RESIDENTS: Please note that the dredging machine has a 4000 foot pipe behind it that is pretty much uncontrollable. The COMPANY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE THIS MAY CAUSE. It has been going under boats and lifts, and the company does not want to damage anything. The company is doing an awesome job of trying to ensure no damage is done, but cannot GUARANTEE THIS.

Here's what has to be done when logs clog up the blades of the dredger.

Yup manually remove.

Wanted to share this picture, which was taken late one night while the dredger was running. Since the machine has powerful spotlights, it provided an awesome backdrop.

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Next Meeting is October 14

JLA received $60,000.00 for the dredging of Site 7 North. Click here for information.

2017 Spring Newsletter

"Invasive Starry Stonewort Creeps Across Nation and Is Hard to Kill" article from associated press writer Steve Karnowski, identifies an aquatic weed creeping across the Great Lakes region that grows really fast and is very hard to kill. Get more details in this article posted by "News Fron the North", 02.06.2017.

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