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Post Office Box 402, Angola, IN 46703
Jimmerson Lake is located in beautiful northeast Indiana's Steuben County

NEW Dredging Update

Jimmerson Lake Dredging

November, 2016

Dredging Update: There are plans to contact the State about Superior staying on the lake into January weather permitting. The Goat Island area dredging is finished having removed 70 loads of material from this site alone. Equipment will be moving from the Lake James project over to the Jimmerson Site 9 by mid-November where work will begin.

Site 8, privately paid, will be dredged with Site 9. Hilltop area, privately paid, will be using their land for disposal of material dredged. Paradise View, along the wetlands is another privately paid dredging site that has been approved and will be done. Hopes are to get the entire project done before tear down of winter. May have to wait for Site 1 until next year.

The discussion turned to pier and shore station removal. Superior would like to see them removed; however, pier companies are hesitant to do this due to problems resulting from uneven ground levels and difficulty with resetting them.


2017 dues are $50.00 for the year.

Meetings will reconvene in 2017 and we'll update site when date established.

2015 Annual Picnic & Meetng
Great Accommodations!
Reception with a SMILE!


Jimmerson Lake is finalist in the list of LARE GRANT Recipients.   Details are in this article. Many thanks to the JLA members working on behalf of the entire Jimmerson Lake Community.