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Post Office Box 402, Angola, IN 46703
Jimmerson Lake is located in beautiful northeast Indiana's Steuben County

Dredging Update

UPDATE October 7, 2017

The Site 1 projects (Nevada Mills dam) in the Northwest end of the lake have been completed. We are in the process of setting up our pipeline from the lake to the sediment dewatering basin up off of Lane 101F. If all goes well, they anticipate starting dredging at Site 8 the first of next week (Oct. 9th). Also, we will be closing down Lane 101D on the east side of 240 Lane 101D for our pipeline to cross the road. Lane 101 will be the means of egress to those homes while our South Jimmerson Dredge projects take place over the next month.

As a reminder all boats, lifts and docks must be out of the water in the areas we will be dredging. We will not be liable for any damages that may occur to those that are not removed. We thank everyone for your participation (and patience) as we look forward to a successful completion to your project.


The Dredging Project Link offers more images and information.

RESIDENTS: Please note that the dredging machine has a 4000 foot pipe behind it that is pretty much uncontrollable. The COMPANY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE THIS MAY CAUSE. It has been going under boats and lifts, and the company does not want to damage anything. The company is doing an awesome job of trying to ensure no damage is done, but cannot GUARANTEE THIS.


Next Meeting is November 11
    Note: There is no meeting scheduled for December, January, or February.

JLA received $60,000.00 for the dredging of Site 7 North. Click here for information.

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