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UPDATE November 11, 2017

Site #8 (private) completed; Hill Top (private) completed; Site #7 Tree Harbor in progress.

Jim Miller was told by dredging company that mechanical equipment to be brought in for other projects could be delayed until spring due to time and weather conditions.

Posted October 7, 2017

The Site 1 projects (Nevada Mills dam) in the Northwest end of the lake have been completed. We are in the process of setting up our pipeline from the lake to the sediment dewatering basin up off of Lane 101F. If all goes well, they anticipate starting dredging at Site 8 the first of next week (Oct. 9th). Also, we will be closing down Lane 101D on the east side of 240 Lane 101D for our pipeline to cross the road. Lane 101 will be the means of egress to those homes while our South Jimmerson Dredge projects take place over the next month.

As a reminder all boats, lifts and docks must be out of the water in the areas we will be dredging. We will not be liable for any damages that may occur to those that are not removed. We thank everyone for your participation (and patience) as we look forward to a successful completion to your project.

Posted September 28, 2017


Posted September 19, 2017

RESIDENTS: Please note that the dredging machine has a 4000 foot pipe behind it that is pretty much uncontrollable. The COMPANY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE THIS MAY CAUSE. It has been going under boats and lifts, and the company does not want to damage anything. The company is doing an awesome job of trying to ensure no damage is done, but cannot GUARANTEE THIS.

Here's what has to be done when logs clog up the blades of the dredger.

Yup manually remove.

Wanted to share this picture, which was taken late one night while the dredger was running. Since the machine has powerful spotlights, it provided an awesome backdrop.

Posted September 8, 2017

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Superior Dredging of Illinois announces fall dredge project at Jimmerson Lake article in September 2, 2017 KPC NEWS SERVICE.

Posted July 28, 2017

Superior (dredging contractor)is expected to return around August 1st to begin dredging in sites 1, 7, and for individuals with permits at Hilltop, near site 1 & 8. He wasn't sure which area would be done first, but guessed it might be site 7. They will be doing it hydraulically rather than mechanically. This should be less expensive. Some individuals with permits were still waiting to get firm quotes from Superior for dredging in their areas.

Jimmerson Lake Dredging

July, 2017

Dredging for site 1 & 7 should begin sometime after August 1st. Individual property owners with permits are still waiting for pricing from contractor. The latest report included that the Hilltop Association voted to have dredging done for their private area.

May, 2017

Superior Seawalls are scheduled to be here to meet with Jim Miller next Friday May 19th for discussion on Site 7 and Site 8. The dredging should resume after 7/4/17.

Jim Miller reported that Area 9 has been completed as of Dec 8,2016. Stated that 5,000 cubic yards of sediment has been removed from the JL side. On Lake James side only around Goat Island was dredged. Site 1 is due to start this August. Dredging will be 35 - 40 ft wide and will stop 300 ft out from dam. Site 8 is due to start after Labor Day estimating 10 days to do mechanically with approx 6,000 cubic yards removal along with some reeds. This is not part of the grant, it is privately paid by home owners. Currently Site 7 has their permit submitted to the Army Corp.

Jim also reported that John Boyd (with dredging) has contacted Tim Knoblauch asking for location where tree stumps are so they can be marked. Do not remove those that have already been placed.

April, 2017

JLA received $60,000.00 for the dredging of Site 7 North. Click here for confirmation.

November, 2016

Dredging Update: There are plans to contact the State about Superior staying on the lake into January weather permitting. The Goat Island area dredging is finished having removed 70 loads of material from this site alone. Equipment will be moving from the Lake James project over to the Jimmerson Site 9 by mid-November where work will begin.

Site 8, privately paid, will be dredged with Site 9. Hilltop area, privately paid, will be using their land for disposal of material dredged. Paradise View, along the wetlands is another privately paid dredging site that has been approved and will be done. Hopes are to get the entire project done before tear down of winter. May have to wait for Site 1 until next year.

The discussion turned to pier and shore station removal. Superior would like to see them removed; however, pier companies are hesitant to do this due to problems resulting from uneven ground levels and difficulty with resetting them.

October, 2016

Jim Miller indicated the dredging project that Superior Seawalls & Docks will be completing will begin with Lake James at goat island. Scott Banfield has been hired to map & mark the areas to be dredged on Jimmerson under the JLA permit. It is expected that this will be done during the next few weeks. The material dredged will be removed mechanically & trucked to the Curtland property on Orland Road.

Several people on Jimmerson are applying for "personal" permits to have various areas dredged while Superior is doing our project. This is a great opportunity for individuals to get dredging done while Superior has their equipment on the lake & the Curtlands are willing to take the material. A motion was made & approved unanimously that any individual permit holders who have dredging done are required to join the JLA for both the 2016 & 2017 calendar years. Were it not for the efforts of JLA in acquiring the LARE grant & paying the 20% share of the cost of dredging, Superior would not be on the lake doing any dredging. This would mean paying the $35 dues for 2016 & the newly approved $50 dues for 2017.

September, 2016

There are several individual permits in the process and awaiting quotes for their areas. Duke is asking for specific measurements of each area. Site 8 will be getting dredged mechanically.

August 13, 2016 Notice

Dredging will begin around Lake James Goat Island. Followed by Jimmerson Lake Site 9 will be mechanically dredged to 50 ft wide. Average depth 2/1/2 to 3 ft. Site 1 back to dam with stump removal.

There is the opportunity of private dredging providing the residents complete their own permit application. They will meet with the dredger and be responsible for their own cost. Those who have already completed application are will to help others interested in doing so. (Tim Knoblauch, Joe Myers, and John Petry). Site 7 asked about applying for dredging privately. Oak Shores now working on their permit. Permit cost is $100.00 and cannot be attached to the JLA one.

July 9, 2016 Notice

Dredging: Sites 1 & 9 were approved for dredging. Our portion of the dredging NOT paid by LARE grant will be approximately $45,000. Public notices were delivered to all property owners within 200 feet of the project. The contractor doing the dredging is looking for a home to rent to house the 15 employees who will be here to do the work.

Individual property owners who want to get dredging done in front of their piers will need to apply for a permit ASAP. Jim Miller or Tim Knoblauch will assist anyone who wants help with making an application for a permit.

May 14, 2016 Notice

Dredging: Sites 1 & 9 -- From the Bridge at 4 corners toward the Jimmerson side will be 70-75 ft wide & 1300 ft back done mechanically. From the Dam to Ryan Welch's 45ft wide done hydraulically. The State says need to stay back 6ft from bridge. There were 15 contractors who came to make bids on the project. Bids must be in by May 27th. Thanks given to Rosie and Floyd Curtland for taking all the sediment removed. We should have most questions answered by Annual Meeting

John Petry made motion requiring those applying for separate dredging done in their area, must be member of JLA for 3 consecutive years. The motion was seconded. All in favor; one opposed.

April 9, 2016 Notice

Dredging SitesSite 1 and Site 9 are the only 2 Jimmerson Lake sites in this project that have been approved for grant money this year totaling $180,000. Lake James received $120,000 for dredging around Goat Island. The most conducive time for the project is July to Dec. Hope to be started on Site 1 and Site 9 by Sept 2016. JLA will be responsible for 20% of the project. JLA will be able to reapply for more grant money of other sites for 2017.

Site 1 and Site 9 dredging discussion. Doing 45-50 ft wide.If owners ask whether shoreline done... "no" but owners can work with contractor for an estimate of their cost to do this. Contractors (6-10 from southern Michigan to southern Indiana) are to be here on 5/4 and 5/5 to give bids for Lake James and Jimmerson Lake dredging sites.

Site 9 discussion -- Biologists have decided that there would not be removal of island. The area behind the wetlands would be the responsibility of the homeowner to pay.

Discussion on Site 5 -- Paradise View -- owners have decided they want to be dredged and will assume cost on their own. They will be working directly with the contractor. Should Jimmerson Shores like to be added into this project, they would contact the contractor to be added to the Paradise View project also at their expense.

Tree Harbor Area along Tanglewood is not approved common area.

March 30, 2016 Notice

JLA has been awarded a grant of $180,000. for The Removal Of Sediment (Dredging) for Site 1 (Towards The Dam) and Site 9 (Channel between Jimmerson and Lake James). Lake James has been awarded $120,000 for their side of the bridge and also for around Goat Island. We hope to save some monies by working together on this project.

JLA is responsible for 20% of the cost for these two common areas.

January 2016 Notice

Our application for the Sediment Removal Project (Dredging) has been submitted, and the State Biologist is reviewing it. The results of that review will be posted here.

November 2015 Progress Report

ERS, from Ft Wayne, is hired to do the work for putting the draft together for JL. As of now, they do not have the draft ready. Jim Miller will keep contacting them. It will take time to fill out the grant and get it turned in by Jan 31. He told them we needed it no later than first of January.

The biologists are already working on the samples for our dredging project.

Floyd Curtland on 450 W has agreed to take all our waste for the dredging project, but no stumps.

October 2015 Progress Report

Jim Miller reported that ERS is continuing to finalize their report & recommendations for the dredging project. He hopes that it may be delivered to IN DNR by month end. Next step would be for the DNR to approve requested areas for dredging. If approvals are granted quickly, the earliest start date would be late next summer.

Jim noted that a tentative agreement was obtained with Curtland's (nearby landowners) to place the dredge materials on their property. He said that this is a major part of making the project a reality. Curtland's own property adjacent to the lake in 3 different areas that are ideal.

September 2015 Dredging Progress Report

Jim Miller reported that ERS was continuing their probing of the lake bottom in preparation for the report. Jim expects the recommendations of areas to dredge to be complete & ready for a decision by the IN DNR in October.

He has identified a property owner who is willing to take all of the sediment removed from the lake. This is a huge part of making the project possible.

It was decided that the best way to communicate information about the progress of the dredging project is by posting it to our webpage. A DREDGING tab has been created on the page & we will post any new information there.

2015 Annual Meeting Announcement

At their 2015 Annual Meeting, JLA announced information regarding a sediment removal process outlining preliminary procedures and financing strategies. For details from this meeting, please review the minutes of that meeting. More details will be posted to this page as they become available.