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"Invasive Starry Stonewort Creeps Across Nation and Is Hard to Kill" article from associated press writer Steve Karnowski, identifies an aquatic weed creeping across the Great Lakes region that grows really fast and is very hard to kill. Get more details in this article posted by "News Fron the North", 02.06.2017.

Reflections on Jimmerson Lake

Pontoon Tour

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Up the Creek

  1. Start Point at the Dam
  2. As Departing the Mill Pond
  3. Terry's Cove
  4. Upper Dam
  5. Old Ford
  6. Higgin's Cove
  7. Bennits's Shack (no longer standing)
  8. The Flats
  9. Riemke Cottage
  10. Collinswood
  11. Martin Lake
  12. Webb Lake
  13. Entering Jimmerson

On the Lake

  1. 3 Lake Cottages & Store
  2. Meyers Cottage
  3. Millikan Hotel
  4. The Little Island
  5. Hanson Cottage
  6. Bruns Cottage
  7. Perrey Cottage
  8. Bolt Cottage
  9. Close Cottage